2021 self-improvement tips by star sign 必 (science-free zone)

I came across this sincere astrology advice recently. It made me laugh so I decided to turn it into panels.

It details where we need to holiday post-pandemic and what we should be learning. I'm not sure how the stars know about things like synchronised swimming, kite surfing and the Kama Sutra. Or why 1 in 12 people should travel specifically to Miami ... but I'm a scientist not an astrologer so what would I know.

Sometimes astrology makes me disheartened because many people seem more comfortable believing in medieval pseudoscience than trying to understand the amazing-ness of evidence-based science. Sometimes astrology makes me angry because it continues to be legitimised by the media, particularly publications aimed at women, and it financially supports a whole ecosystem of charlatans. But mostly it makes me laugh out loud. 不

ps. I costed out the Libra recommendations and following this advice will set me back at least AUD$23,000. We'll probably improve ourselves by doing things we know we love instead ... like reading astronomy sites, and going camping with our telescope and wine.

Source: Yearly horoscopes for 2021. astrology-zodiac-signs.com (Accessed: September 2021).

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